As the owner of a property, why choose us as your trusted team of estate agents? Because we are specialised in the southwest around Santa Ponsa, Calvia up to Palma, we have reliable contacts and as international estate agents we can safely mediate between you and all other parties involved.

Our services for the sale of real estate

With our all-round service we provide a comprehensive solution. You do not have to be on the island yourself to prepare the sale of your finca, flat or villa. This also applies to important decisions, as we provide you with comprehensive and expert advice on all matters. Our team of estate agents has international experience from which you will benefit during the sale - for example, with regard to a determination of the real market value or through contacts with buyers and service providers.

Based on one-to-one discussions, your ideas and our assessments of the current market situation on Mallorca, we market your property in a targeted manner. With a well thought-out strategy and approach, we reach the desired target group. We guide interested buyers through the property, answer all questions and mediate between you and the interested parties. After the successful conclusion of the purchase contract at the notary's office, we prepare the handover and thus complete the sale for you.

Our valuation for the sale

We prepare the property valuation according to sound standards, based on current facts and market developments. As experienced estate agents, we incorporate our expert observations of the local property market as well as our qualified know-how from training and further education. Whether you need the real market value for a sale, as an assessment for a potential sale, for private settlements, for the insurance company or bank: We are the right experts for property valuations between Santa Ponsa and Palma.

High quality exposé preparation for marketing

The character and value of your property should be reflected in the quality of the photos and the exposé. We draw on many years of experience in the field of property marketing in order to be able to address an international clientele in the best possible way. Meaningful descriptions and stylish photos are our core competence.

Professionally & personally there for you!

In preparation for all sales planning and decisions, we discuss your ideas and wishes with you in detail. We advise you comprehensively on the current market situation in Mallorca so that you can successfully implement your plans. With our expertise and experience, we are at your side at all times.

Maximilian Ostermann and Nathalie Kasper